Set your account up as the Administrator

When your practice decides to subscribe to Masterspec, be sure to determine which Masterspec libraries and services best align with your practice's needs, as well as designate the users to manage these tools and functions as your company's Administrator for your Masterspec company account.

Every Masterspec subscription requires a dedicated Master Administrator from your practice who will oversee access to the system's various tools and functionalities.

To streamline the process of organising your Masterspec subscription, consider the following steps:

STEP 1: Choose Your Libraries

Determine which libraries suit your practice best. Most practices opt for a combination of libraries to cover their diverse project requirements.Use our library compare tool for assistance in making this decision.


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STEP 2: Explore MasterKey

MasterKey seamlessly links your specification with your drawing set may that be in ArchiCAD or Revit, creating keynotes directly from the selections fields of your work sections.Please note that MasterKey is an add-on to a Masterspec subscription and cannot be purchased as stand-alone service. It can be added to your subscription at any time.


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STEP 3: Complete the Online Subscription Form

Once you have a clear idea of your subscription structure, fill out the subscription form online. As you add staff or services, the system will calculate your fee accordingly.


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STEP 4: Licence Agreement

Upon completion of the subscription form, the system will generate your contract agreement. Download, fill it out, sign it along with the Direct Debit form (if opting for monthly payments), and email them to us at

If you need to get a Masterspec subscription set up quickly you can call us on 09-631-7044 and we can arrange most things directly over the phone.

Like many subscription models, With Masterspec, you have the option to pay your subscription either annually or monthly through Direct Debit.

However, the one-off Joining Fee must be paid in full at the start of the subscription period.


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Register as the Masterspec Administrator

Upon subscription setup, the individual who initiated the contract becomes the Master Administrator. Additionally, you'll need a personal Masterspec Account to log in and operate as the Master Administrator. 


Accessing Your Subscription

  1. You can login to the system by selecting the orange LOG IN button at the top of the page or you can click here.
  2. Use the username (the email address you supplied in your application) and the password you would have been given when the account was set up and confirmed.
  3. The system should recognise you as the Master Administrator and load the appropriate extra admin tools.