Log in and add staff to your account

In the previous step you opened a Masterspec Subscription and were appointed the Master Administrator. In this step, you'll set up your Organisation and look at how to add specifying staff to the practice account.

If you haven't already checked with us that you have been set up as the Masterspec Administrator - you can email us here if you are unsure.

Your first step is to login to Masterspec. Use the LOG IN button on the top right hand side.

When your Masterspec dashboard loads, you will see, in the top menu, under the My Details dropdown, two sub sections under Organisational Setup, Update Profile and Manage Staff

If you cannot see these pages or cannot log in to the system, call us on 09-631-7044 and we will rectify the problem.

The first task will be to set up the Organisation Profile.

There are two or three tasks to complete;

  1. Upload you practice or company logo. The image uploaded here is used in the following places in the Masterspec website:
    1.1 On most Specification Export cover pages - depending on the template selected
    1.2 On the 'My Details » My Subscription Access' page
    1.3 As personalised branding when logged into online Masterspec

2. The next tab displays the Masterspec Libraries and services the practice subscription includes, currently subscribed is marked with a check box, not-subscribed is marked with a pale grey 'X' box. To add another library please contact the Masterspec team on 09 631 7044.

3. If you have included a MasterKey subscription there will be a third Tab covering Main Settings and Text Case Exceptions. Here you have the option to:

  • Choose to append "[Refer Spec]" to keynote titles
  • Set the text case for all keynotes
  • Set the time-span for the specification Search Filter
  • Assign exceptions for the above rules
  • Add exceptions for test case rules. With exceptions you need to set the character that precedes your exception. This allows for much more control of the rule. For instance if the rule was to always write "mm" in lower case, then most likely the preceding char would be set as "Number". Then the results would carry through like "USE 25mm TRIMMING TAPE" (Only one of the matching "mm" gets set to UPPER CASE).

The next task is to add specification writers on your Organisation Staff - Access and Roles page.

From the top navigation on your login home page select My Details » Manage Staff. This will take you to the page where you will do most of your Admin work. Here you can:

  1. Add accepted users via Organisation email address
  2. Add accepted users via an individual email address
  3. Add users to your employees list
  4. Assign added privileges to employees
  5. Block users from the practice subscription

There are two ways to add staff to your Masterspec Subscription. If they are practice staff members with a practice email you can use the Accepted users - Organisation Email (domain name) panel.

Assigning a Domain name to this panel means that anyone with a personal Masterspec account using this email to Login will automatically receive an email inviting them to join with the practice account.

When they accept you, as Administrator, will receive a confirmation email - accept the request and the user's name will be added to the practice staff list.


If for any reason the User wishes to use a different email (they may be a contractor who works for multiple practices) use the Accepted users - Individual Email (Explicit) panel.

This will allow you to add a specific email address in. When you press ADD the system sends the user an email inviting them to connect with the practice account.

When they Accept you will receive an email asking you to confirm, after which their details will show on the practice staff list.


NOTE: After completing the add process described above always check the users details appear on the Staff list - if not call us on 09-631-7044 and we will rectify the problem.

NOTE 2: Once User names appear on the staff list each user will have to Associate their account with the Practice after signing in to Masterspec. Instructions for doing so are here.

REMEMBER: Each User (including you, the Administrator) must have an individual personal account and login to be able to access the Masterspec system.