Introduction to editing and customising


These instructions relate to using Masterspec Link with the Masterspec Standard, Structural & Civil, Services, Landscapes, Basic and Interiors Libraries. Link operates slightly differently with Masterspec Minor Residential - seperate instructions are at the bottom of the navigation.

Introduction to editing and customising your specification

Editing and customising the specification document is the next step in creating a project specific document.

In this phase you will:
  • Delete clauses that do not apply.
  • Add new required clauses.
  • Add project specific selections.
 The specification needs to be fully customised to ensure that it is project specific.



You can use Word's full functionality to edit and customise the specification document. Under the Masterspec tab in Word there are helpful macros and features to assist with formatting and customising.       



Double click the section you wish to delete. A confirmation screen will appear, select yes to delete the section.



Assembling the required files
Accessing Link
Building a specification
Adding sections using Q&A
Adding sections without Q&A edits
Work sections - browsing and searching
Which versions of the files are being downloaded
Accessing additional manufacturer's data
Deleting work sections

Editing and customising
Introduction to editing and customising
Prompts for customising content - Guidance notes and Tildes
Editing clauses
Page numbering
Renumbering clauses
Inserting and creating a custom section

Table of contents
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Masterspec Link for Minor Residential
Introduction to Masterspec Minor
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Accessing Masterspec Link
Building a specification
Adding sections
Deleting work sections
Editing and Customising
Editing clauses
Check Headers and Footers