2.0 Naming Conventions

This section of the standard sets out the requirements and rules for naming object files, properties, property sets, materials, views and material image files.

2.1 General naming requirements

  2.1 General naming requirements
This sub-section of the standard defines the general naming requirements applicable to all situations covered by this standard.
 2.1.1 Naming fields
  Object files, materials and material image files shall be named using the naming fields from Table 2A, arranged in accordance with the relevant naming clauses below


Field Description Example
 <Type>  Shall be used to identify the type of object or material.  Door
 <Subtype> Should be used to identify the subtype of the object or material.  Interior
 <Source> The product manufacturer identification. Shall be used for proprietary objects.  SupaDoors
 <Product/Range Identifier> The manufacturer’s product or product range identifier. Shall be used for proprietary objects.
 <Differentiator> Can be used to provide additional information required to identify the object or material.
 <Originator> A 3 to 6 character code, can be used to identify the object provider Should be used for objects provided by an object library.
  Table 2A - Naming Fields   


 2.1.2 Characters
  Names and naming fields shall include only the following characters:
  • Uppercase letters (A to Z) from the ISO basic Latin alphabet
  • Lowercase letters (a to z) from the ISO basic Latin alphabet
  • Numbers (0 to 9)
  • Underscore (_), used only for separating fields within a name.
  • A single period character (.), used only to separate the file name from the file extension.

Names and naming fields shall not include any of the following characters:

  • Symbols or mathematical operators, including, but no t limited to, (! “ ,£ $ % ^ & * { }[ ] + - = < > ? | \ / @ ’~ #¬ ` ‘)
  • Spaces
  The use of the hyphen character should be avoided as it can cause errors when the name (or property) is used within formulae, due to the hyphen also representing the mathematical subtraction operator.
 2.1.3  Naming rules
  PascalCase shall be used to join separate words within naming fields and for the naming of properties.
Fields in a name shall be separated by an underscore (_).
Where required, abbreviations can be used. Recognised industry abbreviations shall be used where they exist, for example, PVC.