4.0 Object Properties & Property Grouping

This section of the standard defines the properties that should be assigned to a BIM object. It also discusses the grouping of properties and the assignment of properties to object types or object instances.

4.9 Product performance properties

  4.9 Product performance properties
This sub-section of the standard provides for properties relating to product performance or compliance to be assigned to the object..


Product declaration/certification properties

Where a statutory product declaration template (PDT), product technical statement (PTS), appraisal, certification or similar exists for the physical element, the object shall include the set of properties included in Table 4L.
NOTE: Substitute <TechnicalDocument> in the property name for the name of the technical document, for example, CodeMark.



Property Description Data Type  Example Type/
 <TechnicalDocument1>URL URL hyperlink to technical document.
www.codemark. com/1234
 <TechnicalDocument2>URL URL hyperlink to technical
Hyperlink www.productdata. com/1234
Table 4L - OBOS_Technical properties 

Technical performance properties

The object can include properties for items scheduled within the technical documents nominated in Table 4L, if required for the intended BIM use of the object.

 NZ1.2.2 Product Technical Statement

The BIM object can include in the OBOS_Technical property set a property detailed in Table NZ10B containing a valid URL link to a PDF version of the Product Technical Statement (PTS) for the object (see also the Open BIM Object standard, Clause 4.9.1).

Property Description Data Type  Example Type/
 ProductTechnicalStatementURL The value shall be completed with a numeric value of the appropriate Coordinated Building Interchange (CBI) classification code.
Hyperlink Type
 Table NZ10B – OBOS_Technical properties