7.0 Import, Export and Linking

This section of the standard discusses methods of importing properties and content into a BIM object and also any requirements for the preparation of a BIM object for export.

7.2 Exporting BIM objects

  7.2 Exporting BIM objects
This sub-section of the standard discusses the requirements and recommendations for the preparation of BIM objects for export to other BIM applications, such as the requirements for mapping non-conforming hard-coded properties from the BIM authoring system to the correct IFC property.
 7.2.1 IFC assignment
  The properties of ‘IfcExportAs’ and ‘IfcExportType’ shall be checked and values completed before object export, see clause 4 3 2.
 7.2.2 Mapping of hard-coded properties
  Where a hard-coded property is identical in description/value requirement to a defined IFC property, but does not identically reflect the name of the corresponding IFC property, then that hard-coded property shall be mapped to the corresponding IFC property at export.
Note: Some BIM authoring systems will automatically map hard-coded properties to the relevant IFC properties.
 7.2.3 External data sets

An object can be linked to external data sets Any properties required by downstream BIM uses/applications shall be natively stored on the object at or prior to export, unless such downstream BIM applications can also access the corresponding data sets.

 7.2.4 Test export
  Objects shall be tested to ensure export results are as intended.