4.0 Object Properties & Property Grouping

This section of the standard defines the properties that should be assigned to a BIM object. It also discusses the grouping of properties and the assignment of properties to object types or object instances.

4.2 Object type or instance properties

  4.2 Object type or instance properties
This sub-section of the standard discusses the concept of properties being type properties or instance
Type objects represent defined specifications of physical elements. The type information contained on the object is common for all instances of the object.
An Instance of an object is a unique placement of a type object in a model. An Instance object can contain unique information such as serial numbers and installation or commissioning information.
Type properties
  A property that has a consistent value for all instances of that object type shall be treated as a Type property Values for Type properties of library objects can be pre-completed.
 4.2.2  Instance properties
  A property that requires a value that is specific to the instance of that object type shall be treated as an Instance property Values for Instance properties of library objects cannot be pre-completed.