6.0 Object Functionality

This section of the standard discusses the requirements for improving the functionality and performance of BIM objects so as not to detrimentally affect the performance of a model into which they may be placed.

6.1 Object Performance

  6.1 Object performance
This sub-section of the standard details measures to be taken to reduce the file size of BIM objects to improve model performance and reliability.
 6.1.1 Purging
  All unused or temporary modelling content, such as unused line types, reference items, images, construction lines or CAD content,  shall be purged or deleted from the object when modelling is complete.
 6.1.2 Saving and compressing
  When the object modelling is complete, the file should be saved, using the ‘Save As’ function, with a different name to that used during its creation, to remove any temporary history data attached to the original file. Where supported by the BIM authoring system, the resulting file should also be compressed to minimise its size.
 6.1.3 Testing
  Objects shall be tested as appropriate to the intended function of the object, to ensure that they perform as intended.