7.0 Import, Export and Linking

This section of the standard discusses methods of importing properties and content into a BIM object and also any requirements for the preparation of a BIM object for export.

7.1 Importing Information

  7.1 Importing information
This sub-section of the standard discusses the requirements and recommendations for the import of information (graphical or non-graphical) into the BIM object. Imported geometry can limit functionality and parametric capability, increase possibility of file corruption and cause increased object file sizes.
 7.1.1 Geometric information
  Where possible, native geometry within the BIM authoring system should be used.
Geometry can be imported from other authoring systems or sources, but should only be used for temporary modelling purposes and removed when no longer required, see clause 6.1.1.
 7.1.2 External data sets
  Data sets (properties and property sets) can be imported into objects.
Imported data sets shall be in accordance with the data requirements of this standard.