OBOS V1.0: Introduction

The lack of standards limits the ability to share BIM content across disciplines, projects, and software.

Most jurisdictions have, or are moving to, protocols or standards for BIM processes. There are also a variety of BIM standards that address some aspects of BIM content or tools. However, many aspects of BIM have no guidance at all Currently, it is possible for two organisations to create content about the same topic that complies with existing BIM standards but has very different implementations.

As a result, many practices develop their own internal standards and are often reluctant to use any content produced by third-parties.

A number of object libraries and BIM authoring system-based groups have developed their own standards to address this, but the proprietary nature of these standards means that it is difficult for a jurisdiction to adopt these. 

The aim of this standard is to cover the primary aspects of BIM object development and provide sufficient commonality so that practitioners will accept and use the content developed in conformance with its requirements.

This standard is to be open. Local requirements, variations or additions, if desired, are to be dealt with in annexures to the standard.

The initial version of this standard was developed by NATSPEC, Australia and Masterspec, New Zealand and is available for free download from either organisation’s website. Any organisation wishing to adopt it, create a new local annexure for use in their jurisdiction, or to contribute to its future development should contact either of the initiating organisations. 

Document Conventions

Requirements of this standard are expressed in sentences which include the word ‘shall’. To say that an object complies with or conforms to this standard, all the ‘shall’ requirements of this standard need to be applied to the BIM object.

Recommendations of this standard are expressed in sentences which include the word ‘should’. Whilst not a requirement of this standard, it is recommended that an object include these items.

The standard uses the word ‘can’ to nominate that a concept is a possibility, for example, an addition to the main concept. The object author can include these items, if required.

Terms are identified within the standard using bold formatted text for the first time they appear in each clause, with their definition provided in Section 8 - Definitions & Glossary

Note: As well as being shown at the end of the standard, New Zealand Annexure content is included  with a green background where appropriate in this online document.