2.0 Naming Conventions

This section of the standard sets out the requirements and rules for naming object files, properties, property sets, materials, views and material image files.

  2.4 Property set naming requirements
This sub-section of the standard defines requirements for the naming of property sets associated with BIM objects. This is to facilitate the metadata being in a format consistent with IFC. Not all BIM authoring systems fully support the concept of property sets for BIM objects, for example Revit only allows the user to assign object properties to hard-coded groups, however the shared parameter file does assign each property to a group, which is an equivalent concept to property sets.
Property sets
  Object properties shall be grouped into logical sets, see clause 4.10.
 2.4.2  Property set naming rules

Property sets shall be named in accordance with clause 2.1.
Property set names shall provide a descriptive context for the grouping.
Property set names shall have a prefix followed by an underscore to identify the origin of the property set, for example, OBOS_, COBie_, ANZRS_.
IFC property sets shall be named with the corresponding IFC property set name (Pset_).
For properties identified in this standard, the property set name shall be as shown in italics in the table title. For example, for the properties in Table 4A – OBOS_Admin properties the property set name shall be OBOS_Admin.