2.0 Naming Conventions

This section of the standard sets out the requirements and rules for naming object files, properties, property sets, materials, views and material image files.

  2.2 Object file naming requirements
This sub-section of the standard defines the requirements for object file naming. Including Proprietary/Generic/Project object naming, Parametric object naming and Dimensional information in file names.
File naming rules
  The object file name shall be a unique human readable description of the object.
The object file name shall be in accordance with clause 2.1.
Relevant dimensional information can be included in the <Differentiator> field and should include the unit of measure. For example, 300x700mm, 400mmx30m, 1200mm.
 2.2.2  Parametric object file naming
  The subtype field of a parametric object file name shall be a pascal case concatenation of the variants represented by the object. For example, RectangularSquare
 2.2.3  File name structure
  The object file name shall be structured as follows, unless specified otherwise by local requirements:
<Type>_<Subtype>_< Source>_< Product/Range identifier>_< Differentiator>_< Originator>
 NZ1.1.1  File naming requirements

File names should be structured in accordance with clause 2.2.3 of the OBOS. The additional field of <Classification> should be included as follows:
<Classification1>_<Type>_<Subtype>_<Source>_<Product/Range identifier>_<Differentiator><Originator>

Note 1: The Classification value is the Coordinated Building Information (CBI) 4-digit code.
Information on the CBI classification system is available at