4.0 Object Properties & Property Grouping

This section of the standard defines the properties that should be assigned to a BIM object. It also discusses the grouping of properties and the assignment of properties to object types or object instances.

4.7 Construction specification properties

   4.7 Construction specification properties
This sub-section of the standard defines properties to be assigned to an object to link an object to relevant construction specification information.
Specification linking properties

To provide for linking the object to construction specification information, the set of properties in Table 4E can be included.
NOTE: Substitute <SpecificationSystem> in the property name for the required specification system or project specification.

Property Description Data Type  Example Type/
 <ClassificationSystem>Code Specification clause or section
Character 0453 Type
 <ClassificationSystem>Title Specification clause or section title. Character Doors and access panels Type
 <ClassificationSystem>Version Published version of the classification system.
Character Oct-18
Table 4E - OBOS_Specification properties