4.0 Object Properties & Property Grouping

This section of the standard defines the properties that should be assigned to a BIM object. It also discusses the grouping of properties and the assignment of properties to object types or object instances.

4.7 Construction specification properties

  4.7 Construction specification properties
This sub-section of the standard defines properties to be assigned to an object to link an object to relevant construction specification information.
Property Description Data Type  Example Type/
 <ClassificationSystem>Code Specification clause or section
Character 0453 Type
 <ClassificationSystem>Title Specification clause or section title. Character Doors and access panels Type
 <ClassificationSystem>Version Published version of the classification system.
Character Oct-18
Table 4E - OBOS_Specification properties 
Specification linking properties

To provide for linking the object to construction specification information, the set of properties in Table 4E can be included.
NOTE: Substitute <SpecificationSystem> in the property name for the required specification system or project specification.