2.0 Naming Conventions

This section of the standard sets out the requirements and rules for naming object files, properties, property sets, materials, views and material image files.

  2.6 View control naming requirements
This sub-section of the standard defines the requirements for the naming of view controls associated with BIM objects. BIM authoring systems control object viewing in different ways, such as layers and subcategories. Where the views can be named by the user, and are shared with objects, then it is important to name them consistently to avoid a proliferation..
View control naming rules

Where the BIM authoring system allows for user defined view control, views shall be named as follows:

  • In accordance with clause 2 1
  • In plural form
  • Be consistent and logical to aid clarity and usability.
 2.6.2  View control name structure
  The view control name shall be structured as follows, using the fields from Table 2B:


Field Description
 <UsageGroup> Shall be used to name the group’s primary purpose or use, for example, Plumbing.
 <UsageSubGroup> Should be used to name the sub group’s purpose or use if the usage group covers
multiple concepts, for example, Plumbing_Sanitary.
 <Differentiator> Can be used to further differentiate the sub group, for example,
 Table 2B - View control naming fields