Masterspec Training Modules

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The Masterspec system is a fully online, in 'the cloud' system that allows you to create specifications using a SQL database of constantly-updated, pre-written work sections as well as the latest NZ Building Codes and Standards, industry Codes of Practice and product information via the miproducts national product database.


While the back-end system is complex every effort has been made to ensure the interface and workspace is easy to use and easy to maintain.

Below are links to modules that will allow you to:

  • Get you and your practice set up on the system
  • Understand the Masterspec interface and how it works
  • Create and edit projects and specifications 
  • Output your specification in the format you require
  • Update your specifications

There are also special instructions if you are the Masterspec master administrator to allow you to

  • add specifiers to your subscription
  • Manage Office Masters and add Office Masters writing privileges
  • Update your Office Masters

There are two types of Masterspec account

  • Masterspec Subscription Account - a paid account held by a practice and consists of a subscription to one or more Masterspec Libraries. Specifiers are 'attached' to a Masterspec subscription to create a specification
  • Masterspec User Account - every Masterspec user needs to register for a separate free Masterspec account with a personal Login (your email address) and a password

Masterspec Training Modules

Setting up a Masterspec User Account and Login

Associating your account with a practice subscription


Re-sizing the browser and the interface text

Creating a new Project

The Masterspec project work space

Creating a new specification

The specification work space

Adding work sections to the specification

The work section task bar

Running the Q&A's

Masterspec Scheduling

Adding Scheduling to the specification

Masterspec document control audit

The work section tool bar

Editing a work section

Editing a clause

Using editor notes

Create, add, clone or delete a clause

Highlighting Text

Cloning a Work Section

Using the Update Manager

Updating a Work Section

Update the specification

Using and re-running the Q&A

Integrating the product database

Contact Supplier function

Copy and Pasting Tables

Creating the Appendix

Inserting Product Data Statements into the Appendix

Attaching supplementary documentation

Setting Work Sections to complete

Completing the specification

Print specific Work Sections

Output your specification

Master administrator guide 

Logging in and adding staff/specifiers

Assigning user privileges

Creating and managing Office Masters

Cloning/using Office Masters

Adding scheduling into an existing Work Section/Master

Add MasterKey or Standards to your subscription

Removing User privileges, deleting users