Adding Work Sections

Work sections are loaded from the masterspec libraries in the third column to the specification list in the left hand column. You can select different buttons to add different content.

To add work sections from the Masterspec library, click on the appropriate system. i.e. MASTERSPEC STANDARD.


Click on the appropriate tab to select a work section by CBI coding number.

  • You can also search the entire collection by typing a keyword into the search field and clicking GO.
  • The section will pop up in the search results by subject, where the search term appears in the Title of the work section, and by content, where the search term appears in the Content of work sections.

To download the section into the document you have some options:

  • If you have not used Search navigate the listings by opening and closing the listing groups using the grey arrows to the side
  • To download the section by running the Q&A session and pre-edit the content, select the work section title (turns orange on hover)
  • To generate a full section download without Q&A, click the Page Arrow icon.
  • To load a preview of the current Masterspec master for that section select the Magnify icon
  • To open a window with client contact and downloads available select the Information icon

It's important to remember that Masterspec provides a template only. It is still necessary for you to carefully review and edit the work section even after using the Q&A pre-edit selection tool.

Once a work section has been imported it will populate the specification section and work flow panel (as per the diagram). This panel can then be used as a work flow indicator for your writing team.
A quick visual check will show whether a work section requires editing, is complete or has a Masterspec update that needs to be reviewed and approved - as the icon indicates. (Refer to Icon Indicator Key)