Adding the Masterspec Document Control function

Masterspec has created a new Document Control/Audit form designed to record version changes, authorisation and QA checking of the final document.

The form appears in your specification at the beginning of the specification document immediately after the table of contents. The Work Section 1013 Document Control is available in all the Masterspec Systems and works the same way as all other work sections.

Below we cover how to:

  1. Add the Document Control form to your specification
  2. Add a new clause for each revision

1. Add the document control form to your specification

FOLLOW PATH »  Project List  »  Select Specification  »  Choose Masterspec System   »  Select grey Drop Down '10 The Specification'  »  Select 1013 DOCUMENT CONTROL

You have the choice of previewing the work section with the magnifying glass icon, or add the section to your specification using the page_add icon.

Note there is no Q&A set-up session for this work section.


2. Add a new clause for each revision

In the document Revision Control panel you can record the Authoring company, the document details, revisions and audit control.


To add another Revision version make sure the work section is in Edit mode, select 1.3 REVISION CONTROL.

Click on the grey arrow to the right of the Clause.

Select Clone This Clause - the system will create an exact duplicate of the clause and automatically re-number the Clause numbers when it next saves.

Edit the new clause with the new details.