Open a specification section for editing

When you open a specification for editing you will be taken to the specification Home page. From there you either add work sections or edit existing work sections.

It's important to remember that when you open a Work Section it is not set to Edit by default - you must explicitly select Edit to start changing your work section.

Open the specification by clicking on the title of the specification from the Home Page or the Projects tab.


Editing a Work Section within a Specification

    To edit a work section, click > Edit next to the work section title in the Specifications Work Sections panel.


Alternatively, you can click > Edit on the toolbar.


Remember you can scan the work section in Outline mode

    In Outline mode you will see an outline of all the clauses in the work section. To make large structural changes to your work section the order of clauses can be changed by selecting the clause title and dragging to a new position.

When next saved the system will automatically re-number the clauses in the new order.


If you want to view the clause text in Outline mode use the green downward arrow in the tool bar to reveal the contents.



Once you have the work section in Edit you can add to or change sections by clicking anywhere on a clause - the clause is highlighted and all text is editable.

A full set of editing tools appears at the top of the clause.