Output your specification

Remember that before you go to export your specification, there are a couple of check list items for you.

  1. Have you set the document to complete? If not, DRAFT will appear on the front page of the specification.
  2. Update your project details to include relevant names, dates, addresses and notes as these all print out on the front sheet.
  3. Make sure you have managed your Manufacturers Info and Contract Appendix sections and their documents are in the appropriate order.
  4. Do you need any Export notes? These will appear on the cover page. (You could include version details, or customer name).

Select the Export tab from the Specification Home page. From the popup window work through the list of settings.

File Format - either PDF, Word, Cloud Issue or as an Online Preview (opens in your browser).

Content - either

  • Specification Document Only
  • Contract Appendix Only
  • Full Spec. Including Contract Appendix
  • Manufacturer Information Only
  • Specification - Part 4 Only

Style - either Classic layout or Compact, with less leading and smaller margins (uses less paper).

Work Sections - print all sections by default or select change to choose which sections print.

Highlighting - either Shown or Hidden on the output document

Cover Sheet Options include

Cover Sheet layout/content - either

  • Medium Image + project Details
  • Large Image + Project Name
  • Masterspec 'Classic' - No Image
  • No Cover Sheet

Print Header? - show or hide the practice's Default Header as set up in My Details - Organisation Profile

Document Header - Optional text, can help with versioning control etc.

Export Notes - these notes will appear on the front cover of the specification output.

Select Export Now to output and download to your computer.


NOTE: It is advisable to export and save your specification to your own server or hard drive at the milestone points of your project.

NOTE 2: It is possible to Export into a Word document for editing further. The Masterspec Link tools can be switched on and used on any additional sections. Guidance notes cannot be viewed in previously downloaded sections. Any updates then made in word are NOT able to be imported back into Masterspec online.