Running the Q&A's

Q&A’s automatically pre-edit and remove clauses not valid to your design. You can select more than one answer or product. Remember it’s important for you to still edit the work section even after using the Q&A tool.

The Q&A steps are devised in consultation with the Manufacturer and industry experts to allow you to enter only the information pertaining to your design without leaving out key points vital to the specification. In the example below we’ll be selecting …. Metal stud internal partitions.

When you select the name link of the section you wish to add, if there is a Q&A available it will automatically start. Q&A's work by taking you through simple steps to ensure everything you need is included - in this case Shop Drawings are required.


Similarly a sample section is required from the manufacturer


In some cases the Q&A will allow more than one answer, in this case the partition must be Acoustic and Fire rated.


As well as choosing more than one answer, if you're not sure you can select 'None of the Above' or 'Not sure, select later'. In this case you can Re-Run the Q&A at a later date to fill in missing details.


Q&A's also allow you to indicate what you DON'T need - in this case access panels.


Q&A's also often seek out information regarding the planned use/structure to ensure all relevant information, including Codes and Standards, is included.


Before finishing the Q&A tool presents a summary of the choices you have made. At this point you can select 'Add to the Document' or, if you have changed your mind, select 'Back' to work your way back through the Q&A, or 'Cancel' to quit the Q&A session altogether.


Once you select 'Add to Document' the Masterspec system builds the section and adds it to the specification. You'll see your custom-built section appear in the main window and in the list on the Left Hand panel.

Remember, you must continue to edit your section after the Q&A to ensure all relevant detail is added for Consent and to allow proper construction to take place.