Attaching Supplementary Documentation

Create and collate further manufacturer’s information.

While not part of the official specification contract, more and more supplementary documentation is being called for by Building Consent Authorities when lodging applications. The Supplementary Documentation Tool, or Manf Info, provides an easy way to upload, arrange, print out and lodge your additional documentation electronically as a single pdf.

1. Adding further manufacturer’s information

Supporting documentation can be added into the Manf Info, again as pdf's. Download the documents from the manufacturers as PDF's, then upload to your Project – the same 4Mb per document and 20Mb total limits apply.


Again to change the order drag and drop the documents using the green Up/Down arrows.


If you have selected +Appendix button from a product listing the PTS will immediately be added to the Manf Info list. You can recognise a PTS by the orange 'page' icon, as distinct from the pdf icon.