Using Editor notes

Internal editor specification notes can be authored and added to any section at clause level.

For anyone working in the document these Notes can be used as a reminder of work still to be done, product decisions to be made, even where you are up to. This can all be added as a clause Note but the Note will not print in the final specification document.

TIPS AND TRICKS: In the case of an Office Master, you can save the Note to the Office Master which then acts as a Practice Note. That Note will always be attached when the Master is downloaded, meaning each new specification generated from this Master contains Notes with practice information at clause level for the end-specifier to read.

With your specification open and in Edit mode, select and highlight the clause you want to add a note to


Then click the Notes icon on the toolbar. The Note text panel will appear at the bottom of the clause.


Add any free text details you may wish to - deadlines, still to do’s, notes on style and content - anything you write will be added and automatically saved to that clause for you or other users to read during the specification process.

Please note by default the Note fields will not print and therefore your internal notes are never printed on a specification that could be supplied to parties outside of your practice including other consultants, clients etc.


To turn the Notes on or off at any time (to give you a better idea of how the specification will print) select the Notes icon on the main Tools bar.