The Work Section Toolbar

After editing clauses, the Work Section Toolbar lets you perform the following tasks on the work section you are editing.

  • Refresh the section
  • Re-run the Q&A for this Work Section
  • Show/Hide Editor Notes
  • Show/Hide Guidance Notes
  • Print this Work Section
  • Delete this Work Section from your Document

behind the More Tools drop down are tools to:

  • Remove Highlighting - All Clauses
  • Spell Check 
  • Edit Work Section Setup
  • Create a Custom Work Section

Remove Highlighting - All Clauses
Masterspec highlighting in the work section can be removed by selecting this tool. Please note this removes the highlighting permanently and cannot be undone.


Spell Check 
The spell check will check the whole work section for spelling errors, including checking inside the tables.


Edit the Work Section Setup
Edit Work Section Setup will add, edit or delete the work section tabs.


1.    Click the Edit button on the appropriate tab you wish to either delete or change the name of.


2.    Change the Tab or alternatively Delete the tab if it is no longer required. 
3.    Click Update for changes to take place.
4.    To add in a new Tab Name click on the link Add New Tab. 
5.    Type in a name i.e Green Build. Click Add. This will add in a new tab to the work section.

To change the name of the Work Section, click the Details tab, type it’s new name.


To change the CBI Number, click CBI tab, select CBI Number from the drop down and type in the Suffix.


Printing an individual Work Section
1.    You are able to print an individual work section by clicking the printer icon on the work section tool bar.
2.    A pop up window will appear on the screen. Print can be seen in the top right hand corner.
3.    You are able to turn off the guidance and practice notes from printing by clicking the small green or yellow ‘I’.



TIPS AND TRICKS: Printing Guidance Notes may help anyone reviewing this section

Turning On and Off Guidance Notes
Guidance Notes are a prompt from Masterspec to you (the specifier), providing information on a particular clause. Guidance notes do not print when printing a full specification.

You are able to turn guidance notes off and on by clicking the icon. Turning the guidance notes off will give you a better idea of what the printed version looks like.


Turning On and Off Editor Notes
Similar to Guidance Notes, Editor note are a prompt and reminder an editor can add to a clause to inform other members of the team as to what or why a clause has been written in a particular way.

You are able to turn Editor notes off and on by clicking the icon. If there are no Editor Notes applied, the tool in the top tool bar will not work.


The Reload Button
Reload is used to refresh or push the screen changes through if you want to review them immediately. It will also update work section numbering once clauses have been added or deleted. Simply changing clauses will also save any changes and force updates to clause numbering.


Deleting a Work Section
You must be in Edit mode. Click on Delete a Work Section (red cross). It will ask if you are sure. Once OK is clicked it will permanently remove it from your work section flow on the left hand side..


Creating a Custom Work Section
This is used when you wish to add in your own custom work section into your Masterspec Specification document.

1.    Click the icon on the Work Section Toolbar


2.    You will note that a customised work section is arranged by CBI Code. Choose the appropriate code before naming the work section. 


3.    The custom clause automatically populates 4 tabs – Part 1-4. The work section is seen in the work section flow column to the left and the new section is viewed and is ready for editing in the middle of the screen..


TIPS AND TRICKS: You can create custom work clauses in an Office Master as well. This will give all practice users access to your custom sections and clauses. Refer to the Office Masters page.

Saving your Work Section
If you have made any changes, once you are inactive after 5 seconds, your changes are saved. This save function is on the grey tool bar.

When you are using the Outline view or tables, it is recommended to manually press the save button before you exit the screen. The save button is switched on only when in Edit mode..