Cloning a Work Section

The Masterspec system allows you to pull entire work sections from previous practice specifications.

The specification does not have to be an Office Master, you can clone any work section from any specification written and live on your account. Please be aware that it is best practice to ALWAYS run the Update Manager after adding a cloned section BEFORE you start to edit the content for the new project.

In the Masterspec Systems panel select the Office Projects tab.


The system will display a complete list of the specifications (both current and complete) assigned to the practice. You can scroll through the list or use the Search function to find the Project and its specifications that you are looking for.


Select the specification that contains the work section you are looking for - a complete list of the sections is displayed.

Note that there is no Q&A available when cloning the section, however you can preview the section before you add it to your project.


Select the section you wish to add by clicking on its title - it will be added to your current project.

ONCE IT HAS BEEN ADDED you can re-run the Q&A session to suit your project if necessary.

NOTE: If you clone a section from an Office Master the system will not allow you to re-run the Q&A.

It is also best practice to always run the update manager when cloning an existing section.