Work section updates

The Masterspec system warns you if there are updates or changes to the Masterspec Work Sections in the project you are creating or working on.

These changes can be triggered by changes to the New Zealand Building Code, New Zealand Standards, changes to industry Codes of Practice or changes to the product details in Branded Work sections.

Out of date work sections or Office Masters are easily recognised

  • The main work panel area displays a large graphic
  • And each work section with updates displays the warning icon in the workflow list.

Once you open a work section with changes you will notice two options top right of the centre panel, either "View Changes" or "Update Manager".


View the Updates and Changes to the work section.

When you select "View Changes" the system displays two tabs in a seperate window. The first tab displays the current, correct Masterspec section compared to the previous Masterspec work section.

A yellow highlight is an inclusion, the red highlight is a deletion.


The second tab displays the current state of your work section compared with the new, updated Masterspec work section – any edits you have made will show up here as changes, again in red and yellow highlights.


After reviewing the changes that have been made to the Masterspec Master work section, you'll need to decide which of these changes pertain to your project and to incorporate them into your work section. You do this by running the Update Manager.