The Work Section task bar

Along the top of the specification document is the Specification Task Bar. From here you can easily perform a number of common tasks

The Manage and Print tab loads a new toolset along the top of the main panel. This allows you to manage your project details and export your specification.


The View Mode allows you to quickly view all sections with some limited functionality


The Outline Mode lists the section titles and clause headings only. It also allows you to move those clauses up and down - just drag and drop to change the clause order. The document numbering automatically updates when the document is refreshed.


The Edit Mode tab sets the specification for editing and turns on the full set of editing tools.


The Edit Tools are to the right of the Task Bar. Along the bar itself are:
The editing tools are:

  • The refresh button
  • Re-run/merge the Q&A
  • Editor notes on/off
  • Guidance notes on/off
  • Print this work section
  • Delete this work section

In the More Tools dropdown are:

  • Remove highlighting - all clauses
  • Spell check the document
  • Edit work section setup
  • Create a custom work section