The Specification Workspace

Depending on your choices when creating the specification it will initially load with sections already loaded or as a blank specification.

The blank specification has all the Project details loaded. The specification Work Space consists of:

  • The Index or Workflow area on the left, listed in CBI order - the data here will match the Contents page of the specification output
  • The main Work space - this is where specifications are displayed and edited
  • The Masterspec Libraries and available Office Masters and Office Projects
  • Links through to the miproducts National product database, CBI Codes and Related Products

The work space panels in more detail:

  • The Workflow or Work section List. Note at the beginning this column shows empty until work sections are loaded from the Masterspec Libraries
  • The Specification Details
  • The Project Information, including the Author and Masterspec ID - you can use this ID when referencing your work to the Masterspec Help team
  • The Status of the Specification, including its change history
  • The work sections arranged in CBI Code order. NOTE the final panel, the Product database, is hidden behind a Toggle switch - pressing the toggle will swap out the work section library with the Product Database.

Each Masterspec Library is broken up into functional tabs according to a logical building process - this follows usual CBI guidelines.

You can also Search for individual sections by name or number - the result will display in two parts

  • The first will list sections that contain the searched terms in the Subject Name of work Sections
  • The second lists all work sections where those terms occur in the Content

The Menu Bar along the top of the work space displays

  • An overview of the specification (the default view)
  • Export tools to control and output your specification
  • An Update tab allowing you to edit the Project and Specification setup details
  • The Contract Appendix - files uploaded here will be attached to the specification and form part of the Contract
  • The Manf Info tab allows you to attach technical information from manufacturers and product suppliers in support of the specification
  • Keynotes - if you have subscribed to the MasterKey keynoting tool and linked this specification to your drawings you will see this tab. This will allow you to create spec-level keynote (one not necessarily attached to a section or clause)
  • Map - this shows the actual location of the project.