Masterspec Scheduling Sections

Masterspec now features a new scheduling function that automatically generates lists of sections containing clause headings related to operation and maintenance, shop drawings, as built documents and warranties.

The days of searching through a specification to check that all the warranties, for example, have been provided are over - you can now refer instead to the new Warranty schedule. Once added to new specifications the Scheduling function will automatically edit and update itself as you add sections to the specification.

How Scheduling Works

The Scheduling function is contained in each of four updated General sections that have been released. Once these sections are added to your specification the Scheduling function searches each specification for key words located within work section clause headings.

If key word headings are found, the sections containing them will be listed in a new Schedule tab in the appropriate General section.

So the section 1235 SHOP DRAWINGS will contain a schedule listing all work sections with clauses requiring the submission of shop drawings; section 1237 WARRANTIES will contain a schedule listing all work sections that require the submission of warranties and so on.


To enjoy automatic scheduling in your project add these sections to your project.

  • 1235 Shop Drawings
  • 1237 Warranties
  • 1238 As Built Documentation
  • 1239 Operation and Maintenance

Remember, these sections should be added at the commencement of every new specification


The schedules can be readily found within the updated General sections under a new Schedules tab. 
The schedule clauses update automatically and can only be edited by

  • adding or deleting work sections containing the relevant clause headings
  • adding or deleting relevant clause headings from within a work section

The General sections (those starting with a "1") are not searched - these sections support the main work sections and should not be used to display information that should be contained within a work section.

The schedules will also update automatically to inform you if there is no relevant information contained within the specification. For example the As Built scheduling clause will state that there are no As Built work sections within the specification if no clause headings contain the relevant key words.


Operation and Maintenance 
For residential projects all operation and maintenance requirements will be listed within the same schedule.
For projects other than residential, operation and maintenance will be split into three schedules:

  • Information for Operation and Maintenance
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals
  • Maintenance Contract Proposal.

Manually adding to the schedules.
As noted the schedule list cannot be manually added to. However if you wish to reference other documentation not included as part of the Masterspec project, for instance separate Mechanical specifications or Engineering reports, you'll find an editable clause under the automatic schedule clause in the Schedules tab. This clause can be edited and saved like any other Masterspec clause.