Set Section to Complete

When you have finished editing your Work Section, you need to set the Work Section to complete.

This functions in conjunction with the workflow panel to track the progress of the project, especially if there is more than one author. All sections need to be marked as complete to remove "Draft" from the cover document on printing.

To mark a work section to complete, click on the icon Set to Complete (above the tool bar).


If a pop up box comes up advising that there are some tildes left in a work section you have a choice to finish the document or ignore the warning.


Tildes ~

A tilde ~ is a prompt in the work section that notes that the specifier needs to insert information. Ensure before your document goes to any third party such as a client, consultant or council that no section contains any tildes, which could leave the specification incomplete.


You can search for the Tildes ‘~’ on the current page by pressing Control (or Command) F and enter a tilde in the Find search. The tildes will be highlighted.


Once a work section is complete, the completed icon (green tick) on the top of the work section tool bar appears.


In the work flow work section, you will also note that the section icon has been changed, helping you visually manage your work sections.