The Contact Supplier function

The Masterspec Contact tool to allow you more functionality and receive the help you need from a product supplier's section.

The Contact Supplier function is available in two places - at the top of every branded work section and in the Product Details window of a miproducts listing in the right hand panel.

The Open Contact Supplier Window button

Above every Branded work section you'll find a 'Contact Supplier' link displayed with the logo of the Brand. By selecting the Contact Supplier link a new Contact panel with revised functionality will open.

Alternatively in the Product Details window of a branded listing you'll find the Contact Supplier link under the Product description


The Contact form contains

  • The name of the Supplier you are sending to
  • Your name and that of the practice you are associated with plus your contact phone number.
  • A listing of the pdf section that is being sent with your inquiry
    • A checklist of actions you would like, including
    • review of the work section
    • price request
    • Availability or lead times
    • A request for a Product Technical Statement
  • Following this is the subject line of the email that is going to be sent
  • Finally a Query panel where you can ask any specific questions you may have

To send the message select Submit Request and an email will be sent to the product supplier in question.


NOTE: The supplier will receive a pdf of the custom specification and your contact details in order to respond.