Creating and Managing the Appendix

All specifications require supporting documentation and NextGen2 uses an Appendix Builder to upload and arrange your documents in either the Specification Appendix or a Manufacturers' Info. document.

It's very important that the information goes in the right area as everything added to the Appendix will become part of the specification contract and be legally binding on all signatories.

1. Source and download documents to your computer.

To access product go to the work section concerned. The Masterspec system automatically recognises the section you are editing and sources applicable product, displaying it on the right hand side of the screen.

If you are in a generic work section the system will present all product matching the CBI Code of that section topic. If you are in a branded work section the system will only present product from that manufacturer.

Each product listing displays the product name, manufacturer logo and a short description of the product features. The listing displays a selection of icons underneath indicating what information is available.
Please note there may be further information on the product website.


Select the product name to display the information held on Masterspec. Navigate through the tabs or go to the product website. Once you have found the information you want download it to your computer as a pdf file.


NOTE: Note the Masterspec system always uses pdf format to combine files into a single document.
Each PDF is limited to up to 4 Megabytes in size and there is a 20Mb limit in total for each specification. Create a project folder on your system for files. If your document is not a pdf you can open the file, choose Print As, then select print (or save) as a pdf.

2. Run the Appendix Builder tool.

The Appendix Builder tool allows uploading and arranging documents to both your Specification Appendix and Manufacturers' Info. The tool creates an Index page according to the order uploaded but you can change this order at any time.
To start the Appendix Builder Tool from the specification Home page select either Contract Appendix or Manf Info from the tabs at the top.

The system opens the Appendix Builder to upload and attach documents to your specification.


3. Add contract documents to the Specification Appendix.

You will see the list of documents in the Appendix on the right and the file upload tool on the left.  

To upload a new document enter the name for that document you want to appear in the Appendix list (it does not have to be the actual name of the file). Select Browse to find the file you want on your system. Again you can only attach PDF’s to the specification.


Once you’ve selected the file select Upload and the file will be added to the system and display in the Appendix list. The documents you upload will print out in the order that they appear in this list.

To change the order simply press and hold the Up/Down Arrow icon next to the title you wish to move and drag it up or down.

Remember documents added to the Specification Appendix become part of legally binding contract