Create a New Project

Masterspec specifications must be associated with a Project. A Project can hold more than one specification (e.g.. For Consent, As Built, Landscapes etc) however a specification cannot exist without being in a Project.

This page will cover the basic details necessary to create your Project, and the next page will cover the different ways you can choose to start your specification within the project.

So to start a new Project, simply click on the ‘Create a New Specification’ button or select the Projects Tab and, from the drop-down list, select ‘Create a new spec’.

This brings you to the Project Details page.


You can create the new specification in an existing project or start a new project.

  • For an existing project select from the drop down box, the appropriate project
  • Check that the information that loads is correct
  • Name your specification. Use something relative, such as Consent or As Built. 

If it is a new project fill in the required project details.

  • You have the option of creating a new client, selecting an existing client or to choose “client details not required”.
  • Insert Project Name - this appears on the front cover of the specification document (generally the title of the Project).
  • Project Reference; insert the practice job / project number.
  • To insert an image which will appear on the front cover, select Browse to upload from your computer (JPG, Gif or PNG files only).
  • The specification can have a due date which appears in the Grid View. Use this to manage the timing of your work.
  • Complete the project address details. This address links and locates your project correctly on a Map.

The next step is to choose whether you start from a Blank specification or pre-load existing detail by cloning an Office Master or cloning an existing specification. This is covered on the next page “Creating a Specification”