Completing the Specification

Setting your project as Complete stops others from editing or changing your specification inadvertently.

The Masterspec NextGen2 platform then allows you to output your specification in a number of formats. Before doing so there are a few checks and tasks you must run through to ensure you properly complete your specification.

Before you can set the specification to complete EVERY work section must be Set to Complete.


Go to each work station and select the "Set to Complete" button top right above the main display panel.


If you still have areas to complete the system will remind you by displaying the warning at right. Tildes (~) are used by Masterspec to denote areas requiring editing by the specification writer. Go back and complete any tildes in each work section.


Once all work sections are Set to Complete, go to your specification Home page and under Current Status, click on Set to Complete and then Update button.

You are able to view status history on the project by clicking on the button in the specification overview tab. This gives you or anyone editing the document the chance to note any changes they have made for that particular document.

If at any stage you need to re-edit a section, click on the Open for Editing link then note why you are editing or updating the document again. It will be logged against your status history, however these notes will not print on the document.