Re-Run the Q&A

You are able to re-run the Q&A to change your pre-edit selections while maintaining the majority of your customised clauses.

This can be done at any time as long as you have not downloaded the work section from an Office Master.

While in the work section, go to Edit mode.

Click on the Wand icon in the tool bar.


A summary of the Q&A selections will appear on screen.

At this point a full replacement can be selected which will overwrite all customisation.

Alternatively, you can select Merge Updated Sections and any customisation you have made previously will be amalgamated, unless the clause has been replaced by the merge.



Merging the Current Section Using the Q&A for Office Masters

You cannot re-run the Q&A on a section downloaded from an Office Master as it has been created for a specific system or use for the practice.

If you need to make selection changes, download the latest version of the work section from the Masterspec System Library using the Q&A to suit your project. Complete the section as required for the project.

As a guide, open the original Office Master in Preview on another browser window or another screen - from here you can quickly copy and paste text into the new work section.