Editing a work section clause

Clause editing is as simple as click and edit. A text box appears and you are able to type within that text box or delete comments and text.

When editing an existing clause you can type, delete, copy (Command or Ctrl+C) and paste (Command or Ctrl+V) text in the usual manner. (Note: In Chrome on a PC, please use Command or Ctrl + Shift + V to paste directly into the clause without the 'Paste from Word and strip formatting' popup').

When you are in Edit mode, select the clause you wish to edit - the clause editable area will be highlighted and the system will display the editing tools.


By highlighting the clause or any text you can perform the following functions (left to right icons) on the Clause Tool bar:

  • The Highlighting tool (see here for more)
  • Make text Bold
  • Make text Italics
  • Paste plain text
  • Paste from Word, strip font
  • Add bullet points
  • Add symbols
  • Add and manage tables with or without borders
  • Add, manage and remove hyperlinks
  • Insert lines above/below table or line
  • Show/hide and insert editor notes
  • Delete the entire contents of the clause - the system will ask you to confirm this, as it cannot be undone. In this case when the system next refreshes the work section clauses will re-number in the new order.

TIPS AND TRICKS: If you want the whole clause deleted, including the guidance notes, use the Delete Clause button on the Work Section Tool Bar.

You can also highlight then drag and drop guidance notes (green) into the specification text (black).

Note that each browser operates a little differently. IE changes the text colour immediately to black.
Chrome changes the text to black once the Reload icon is selected.


The clause tool bar drop down is available via the down arrow and contains other important functionality required for editing clauses in the work section. This functionality is:

  • Add New Clause Above 
  • Add New Clause Below
  • Add New Clause Group Above
  • Clone This Clause
  • Delete This Clause