The Masterspec Dashboard

Once connected and logged in, you’ll arrive at your Dashboard, showing projects details of the practice you are connected to.

Here you’ll find:

  • The practice logo
  • A powerful Search function
  • You can find specific projects by keyword or number

And sort results by 

  • Active or Archived
  • and by Open for Editing or Complete

You can also display results as 

  • a line list
  • or as tiled listings

Back at the Dashboard, you can see 

  • A list of current subscriber Specifications, 
  • Completed specifications
  • And all the specifiers linked to the subscription.

You can also Create a new specification.

Over on the right of screen you’ll find

  • Latest news, updates and information
  • And links to download Masterspec NOTES

There’s also two extra drop-downs on the top nav. PROJECTS and MY DETAILS

Projects navigates to

  • The projects list
  • Create a new specification
  • Office Masters - to create and manage the practice’s Office Masters WITH APPROPRIATE SYSTEM PERMISSIONS
  • And tools to create and manage practice clients

My Details lets you:

  • manage your profile and subscription access
  • and with permission, the profile of the practice.

Note when these tabs are selected the main navigation collapses down to a single MENU link –hover over the link to reveal the whole menu again.