Managing your Work Section Support Request

Here are a few workflow tips before you get started with the Work Section Support function.

Cancelling Your Request.

When you request assistance on your work section, the section will freeze the editing functions to allow the supplier to respond. If you want to continue editing the section, simply select Cancel Request.

You will now be able to continue editing and then resubmit your request if you so choose with updated content. This means you always have the control of the section.

To take back control, simply select Cancel Request.


The Chat Window

You are able to communicate with the supplier via the chat window. The chat window is live in real time much like the text function on your phone.

  • If the Chat Window is closed, select the icon above your work section to activate the window at any time.
  • Type your question or response and then simply select Send (a).
  • Once the supplier replies, their response will be in grey.
  • You also have the ability to send images if this helps to clarify your query. Select the image   icon on the left hand side. Upload any image file (jpeg, png) and then click Select (b).
  • You can minimise or close the chat window with the icon on the top right of the window.

Your request has now sent an email to the supplier asking them to respond to your request.



When a supplier is finished with your request or has changed the status, you will be notified in 2 different ways.

  1. A partner icon that flashes in the index 
  2. With a message icon on the top of your Masterspec screen next to your name and login details.