The Masterspec Projects page

Once logged in and associated with a practice subscription, select Projects from the top navigation and you’ll be taken to that practice’s Projects Page.

Here you will see:
1. A summary of all the projects, with the project specifications that they contain - this is also viewable in a list view or an icon view by selecting the relevant buttons.


2. A Search function to find specific projects - you can search by Keyword or project number.


3. Search filters - you can filter by a number of specification variables, sort by Active and Archived, and by Editing or Complete.


4. You can display the results by the default image and project information, a text-only list, or by cards.


5. Along the top the main navigation has collapsed to 'Menu' and two new drop-downs appear, Projects and My Details.

Projects navigates to

  • The projects list
  • Create a new specification
  • Office Masters - to create and manage the practice’s Office Masters (with appropriate system permissions)
  • And tools to create and manage practice clients

5. My Details lets you:

  • Manage your profile and subscription access and
  • ...with permission, the profile of the practice.

Note when these tabs are selected the main navigation collapses down to a single MENU link –hover over the link to reveal the whole menu again.