Editing your work section

Editing a work section means the supplier can assist you by modifying content, deleting or adding clauses within the work section you have supplied.

This allows for early supplier engagement and allows them to lend their expert knowledge to your project.

To begin, select the Contact button on the top of your branded work section.


  1. Select the Edit icon.
  2. Project Profile: Select the appropriate building function that best represent your project. This includes the basic project parameters pertaining to wind zone, corrosion zone, earthquake zone and total established project value.
  3. Additional Information or Questions for the Supplier: You may choose to provide additional information that is pertinent or helpful to the supplier when specifying. You can use this like the text function on your phone to clarify or ask the supplier a question.
  4. Select Submit Request on completion. From here, a chat window will automatically populate on your screen linking you with the supplier.
  5. The status of your work section in the blue panel will read "not yet reviewed". Once the supplier starts editing your request, the work section will read "initiated working on a response at time and date" in the blue status.

When the supplier has finished writing the work section, you will be notified in the following ways

  • A partner icon that flashes in the index 
  • With a message icon on the top of your masterspec screen next to your name and login details.

There will now be more functions available in the action panel to review or import the content.

The Preview button allows you to see the supplier section content without importing it. The re-open request allows you to resend the request without importing it. 

Select Review & Import.


You will now be able to see your ORIGINAL work section on the left hand side, and the Suppliers edited work section on the right hand side.

You can find the changes by selecting the yellow (new clauses), orange (altered clauses), or red line (removed clauses) on the LEFT hand side located under QUICK VIEW.

In the centre of the sections, select the following buttons to apply the suggested changes to your section. You can select none, some, or all of the suggested changes.

  • Accept all - will accept all changes and load them into your original work section.
  • Overwrite - will replace your text with the new text (highlighted in yellow)
  • Delete Clause - will remove the clause completely out of the original work section
  • Insert Clause - will add the new clause into the original work section

Once you have completed these actions, select Back to Specification Editor Page.


You will then be prompted by the 'Are you fully done? ' window. Select Finished if completed, or Work in Progress if you'd like to continue to review the content or finish it at a later time.



    If you have selected Finished, you will return back to the work section. Here you can select Preview the changes as suggested by the supplier or select New Request under Manage Request. (a)

    **Note. You can continue to edit the content of the section at any point in the future as the project information changes.

    Selecting Manage Request (a) on any section that has had input from a supplier will allow you to review the original content as it was sent. Notice on the legal Disclaimer (b), and Contact History (c).

    Contact history will provide a history of all actions between the supplier and yourself and versions of the section provided.

    The disclaimer confirms that suppliers will not be aware of all the projects circumstances and conditions, they are providing content to you with limited project details. You must use your professional judgement to access the content, check it's validity, and then decide if you want to include this content as your own. You have full editing rights and the ability to change any of the content from the suppliers after you have imported it into your specification.