Replacing your work section

Replacing a work section means that, with your request the supplier will write a full work section based on the project details you have supplied.

This means they can do a full Q&A and edit any part of the section. They can then send the changes back to you for your review. You can import any information that you decide adds value to your specification. Alternatively, you can disregard it and continue with your existing work section.

The Replace function will allow you to receive expert product knowledge straight from the supplier.

To begin, select the Contact button on top of your branded work section.


  1. Select the Replace icon.
  2. Project Profile: Select the appropriate building function that best represent your project. This includes the basic project parameters pertaining to wind zone, corrosion zone, earthquake zone and total established project value.
  3. Additional Information or Questions for the Supplier: You may choose to provide additional information that is pertinent or helpful to the supplier when specifying. You can use this like the text function on your phone to clarify or ask the supplier a question.
  4. Select Submit Request on completion. From here, a chat window will automatically populate on your screen linking you with the supplier.
  5. The status of your work section in the blue panel will read "not yet reviewed". Once the supplier starts editing your request, the work section will read "initiated working on a response at time and date" in the blue status.

When the supplier has finished writing the work section, you will be notified in the following ways

  • A supplier icon that flashes in the index
  • With a message icon on the top of your masterspec screen next to your name and login details.

There will now be more functions available in the action panel to review or import the content.


6. Select Preview. This will allow you preview the work section that the supplier has written (a).


7. Exit the preview screen by selecting the close (x) or minimise (-) icon. Then, if you believe the content meets the project's needs, select Import Work Section. Select OK to import the work section (b).


*Note. If the supplier requests more information upon reviewing your request, you will be notified with the below message. Find and respond to their query in the chat window.


In the case that you need more information , or project circumstances have changed, select Re-open Response. Selecting OK will notify the supplier. Then use the chat window to clarify the issue.


Selecting Manage Request (a), will give you the option of Previewing the original work section. Or select New Request to bring up the original request window, from here you can begin a new request by selecting replace, edit or comment.

Selecting Manage Request (a) on any section that has had input from a supplier will allow you to review the original content as it was sent. Notice on the Legal Disclaimer (b) and Contact History (c).

Contact History will provide a history of all actions between the supplier and yourself and versions of the section provided.

The disclaimer confirms that Suppliers will not be aware of all the projects circumstances and conditions, they are providing content to you with limited project details. You must use your professional judgement to access the content, check it's validity, and then decide if you want to include this content as your own. You have full editing rights and the ability to change any of the content from the suppliers after you have imported it into your specification.