Re-sizing the browser and text

Masterspec allows you to work comfortably with different screens / windows / text size. There are 4 panels, two of which disappear if the screen size is too small.

1. If the screen or device size is too small to allow you to view all the panels at once, the outside panels will file in behind tabs.


You can toggle the two panels on the right and left of the editing interface simply by:

....hover over the tab on the left to reveal the Project work section list




....or select the toggle on your right to move between the THIRD PANEL (Systems, Office Masters and Office Projects) and the FOURTH PANEL (Miproducts Search, CBI and Related Products). 


3. You are able to resize your browser to fit all the columns on your screen by following the process as follows:

In Chrome: Click the line icon in the top right hand corner. Resize the zoom back to 68% and then use the F5 key (on PC) to refresh. This will reset the panels.

IE Explorer: Click the icon and zoom to 75%, click F5 to refresh.


Control- (or Command-) will reduce the screen size
Control+ (or Command+) will increase the screen size
Control0 (or Command0) will reset back to 100%
Press F5 (on PC) to refresh
Press Command R (on Mac) to refresh