Running the Update Manager

Masterspec's unique Update Manager is a simple to use but powerful tool, and one of the most valuable ways you can protect your practice.

Masterspec makes well over 10,000 changes to work sections throughout the year, striving to keep all sections up to date with the latest Codes, Standards and industry Codes of Practice. Ensuring your specifications are correct and up to date is key to good construction outcomes and defending any performance challenges during the life of the building. 

When you run the Update Manager the screen compares your specification section on the left with the latest Masterspec section side by side.



  • To the far left a ‘Quick View’ navigation panel helps you identify and navigate the changes. A single click on each colour band will jump you directly to the change
  • Between the two versions of the work section are a number of buttons denoting status or actions to take, and to the far right is the KEY explaining the mark-up code and the actions available (see below). 
  • When we see ‘IDENTICAL’ the work sections are exact word for word and numbered correctly. There is nothing to do here.

When you select the Key button the following panel and explanations appear for all the function buttons between the two panels.

There are a number of other special Action buttons such as View or Toggle – you can experiment with their function following the guidance shown


When Masterspec has added a new clause into the work section it is highlighted in yellow - to add it to your specification use the "INSERT CLAUSE" button.


Text highlighted in RED has been deleted from the Masterspec master work section however you’ll often find YELLOW text replacing it - this can be copy added by Masterspec or it can be information you removed during the Q&A process. Take care if reinserting these sections, you might also need to complete areas within marked with new tildes once you have finished with the Update Manager.

To accept the new changes select the orange Overwrite button.


On clauses that have changes from Masterspec you will see a Toggle button to the right hand of the window. This button changes the way the changes are displayed.

By default your current clause is shown in the left hand panel and Masterspec's marked up changes are shown in the Right hand column. By pressing the Toggle button the view changes to your clause showing the incorporation of the highlighted changes, and the latest Masterspec master clause on the right.

The whole clause highlighted in red means that the clause has been deleted from the Masterspec master work section. To apply this deletion to your own work section, click Delete Clause.



When you have finished updating your work section return to your specification editing by selecting the "Back to Work Section" link top centre of the Update Manager. Remember to check for any new tildes in your specification work section denoting areas you must edit.


Losing the Update Available prompt

Sometimes after running the Update Manager when you return to your section the system still prompts you that Updates are available. To lose this from your screen:
1. Press the "Set to Complete" button
2. The system will warn you that there may be tildes not yet addressed or further work to do. Select "OK"
3. The system will display the "Work section Complete" sign.
4. Select 'Edit' and continue working on your section. As soon as you manually Save or the system saves your first edit the section will revert to "Set to Complete?". The Updates warning will no longer appear.