The Masterspec Workspace

Select a Specification in the project list. This opens the Masterspec Workspace, divided into four main areas.

The Work Space consists of:

  • The Index or Workflow area on the left, listed in CBI order - the data here will match the Contents page of the specification output
  • The central work panel/main editing panel - this is where you will edit your specification work sections
  • The Masterspec Libraries and available Office Masters and Office Projects
  • Links through to the miproducts National product database, CBI Codes and Related Products

The work space panels in more detail:

  • The Workflow or Work section List. Note at the beginning this column shows empty until work sections are loaded from the Masterspec Libraries
  • The Specification Details
  • The Project Information, including the Author and Masterspec ID - you can use this ID when referencing your work to the Masterspec Help team
  • The Status of the Specification, including its change history
  • The work sections arranged in CBI Code order. NOTE the final panel, the Product database, may be hidden behind the Toggle switch - pressing the toggle will swap out the work section library with the Product Database.

Each Masterspec Library is broken up into functional tabs according to a logical building process - this follows usual CBI guidelines.

You can also Search for individual sections by name or number - the result will display in two parts

  • The first will list sections that contain the searched terms in the Subject Name of Worksections
  • The second lists all work sections where those terms occur in the Content

The second tab lists links to open any Office Masters the practice may have created and maintain.


The third tab lists the practice Office Projects live on the system, searched by name, active or archived, and editing or complete. You can clone work sections from these specifications. 


The Menu Bar along the top of the work space displays:

  • An Overview of the specification (the default view)
  • Export tools to control and output your specification
  • An Update tab allowing you to edit the Project and Specification setup details
  • The Contract Appendix - files uploaded here will be attached to the specification and form part of the Contract
  • The Manf Info tab allows you to attach technical information from manufacturers and product suppliers in support of the specification
  • Keynotes - if you have subscribed to the MasterKey keynoting tool and linked this specification to your drawings you will see this tab. This will allow you to create spec-level keynote (one not necessarily attached to a section or clause)
  • Map - this shows the actual location of the project.