Creating a specification

On the last page we started to create the project by filling in all the necessary project details. Now we need to decide what content to add to start the specification.

There are three ways to generate a new Specification - create a Blank specification, create a specification by cloning an Office Master or create a specification by cloning from Another Project.

Creating a Specification Document from Blank
A blank specification produces a new project that has no work sections and will require work sections to be added from the Masterspec libraries.


Cloning a specification from an Office Master will download all the work sections contained in that Office Master.

  • Select Clone an Office Master. Choose the appropriate Office Master from the drop down box.
  • Note that the Contract Appendix and Manufacturer’s Information starts out Blank. Due to potential changes in product details these must be re-loaded with each cloning.
  • Office Masters with an *asterix next to the section title are out of date and should be updated before using. Only users with permission can update an Office Master.
  • Individual Office Master work sections can be added into any project. (Refer to "Adding Work Sections from Office Masters to your Specification").

TIPS AND TRICKS: We suggest you only start with a few Office Masters as they will need to be updated monthly using the Update Manager.

Creating a Specification Document from an Existing Specification

1. To generate a document from an existing specification, choose the appropriate specification from the Select Spec drop down box.
2. It is advisable to choose an existing specification not more than three months old. It is likely that a specification older than this requires a generous amount of updating using the Update Manager.

Whichever way you choose to create your specification, once you have filled out all the Project Detail add any Notes you may wish to appear on the cover page of the specification, then select ADD.

The system will load a new specification.